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Project Timer Beta Version

On this site you can find some informations about the development of Project Timer 1.5.
Later you can download the current Beta Version of the program with new features, bugfixes and enhancements on this site.

On the following table you can see the current state of development:

manual time adjustment0%ajdust manually your week, month and total time values
project shortcuts80%you can open every project from the menu without open-dialog
export to excel .csv0%export values to a ".csv" file for usage in excel
auto-start with last project0%start with last open project
minimized auto-startup0%autostart in systray
color-schemesdonemore customizable color schemes
"mini-display mode"doneconsumes less space on desktop
display running secondsdone
auto-break for screensaver0%when screensaver is active break automatically
relayoutdonesome small changes on the leayout of the main window