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Project Timer

ProjectTimer With Project-Timer you can control the time you need for an project ( or any other work ). The program stores the times for the last 28 days and the total-time of your project. With this information the program can show you some statistics, like: weektime, monthtime, average work-time this month/week and so on. The latest version of Project-Timer is version 1.4.1. This version brings only some bugfixes to previous version 1.4.
Version 1.4 includes some minor layout changes to the previous version. After a long time now you can minimize Project-Timer to SysTray. Your times are stored in an user-specific file so every user has his own projects & statistics.
Here are the major changes since version 1.1:

  • minimize to SysTray
  • "magnetic" behavior on screen border
  • user-specific projects & statistics
  • german and english language support
  • customizable colors, adjustable save-interval, auto-start option
  • print function ( experimental )
download Download Project Timer
Version 1.4.1 (11.2.2002)
Size: 311kb

For all Windows Versions

help Help and Support

Please contact me if you have tested the print function and have found errors, because I have tested it only on 2 printers and there may be several incompatibilities in it. For questions and suggestions mail to me.